April 17, 2024

Ukraine focuses on child well-being and justice at high-level roundtable discussion

Yesterday, Ukraine's Child Rights Protection Center hosted a crucial roundtable titled "Ethics of Interacting with Children Affected by Deportation and Forced Displacement."

During the event, experts explored the delicate balance between the state's needs — obtaining children's testimonies and the children’s best interests to avoid retraumatization. The gathered experts debated how to narrate the stories of these children in the most effective way while prioritizing their safety and health.

The roundtable featured presentations on developed ethical practices for interacting with traumatized children and discussions on ensuring child-friendly access to justice.

High-profile attendees included:

  • Iryna Syslova, Representative of Human Rights Commissioner for Children's Rights
  • Yulia Usenko, Head of the Department for Protection of Children's Interests and Combating Domestic Violence of the Prosecutor General's Office;
  • Viktoriya Litvinova, Deputy Attorney General of Ukraine;
  • Kateryna Rashevska, expert, lawyer at the Regional Center for Human Rights;
  • Olena Rozvadovska, founder of the "Voices of Children" foundation;
  • Darya Kasyanova, the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Child Rights Network.

The speakers emphasized the importance of protecting children’s interests above all else. Meanwhile, by organizing such events, Ukraine showcases a commitment to prioritizing the mental health and safety of children impacted by Russian aggression.

Ukraine is actively taking steps to put children's protection first and calls all countries for international pressure on Russia to reduce the number of children experiencing such horrors.