‘Bring Kids Back UA’ is a strategic action plan initiated by the President of Ukraine

It unites the efforts of the Ukrainian government, partner countries and international organizations to bring back the children who have been forcefully deported from Ukraine.
Our focus areas

Bring kids home

Identifying, locating, and safely repatriating all illegally deported children to reunite them with their families and guardians in a secure environment.


Building a comprehensive system of psychological support, therapy, education, and engaging leisure activities, facilitating the full reintegration and socialization of returning children.

Family upbringing

Developing a robust infrastructure that fosters family-based upbringing empowering parents and caregivers to provide the best possible care and support for children.


Raising international awareness and rallying support from the global community to pressure Russia into returning forcefully displaced children to their families.


Holding Russia accountable by documenting war crimes, utilizing national and international instruments, and collaborating with institutions such as the International Criminal Court.


Advocating for a novel international framework to safeguard children’s rights in armed conflicts to prevent future tragedies worldwide.

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