June 18, 2024

EU joins International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children

In line with the discussions during the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, the European Union has joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children as an observer. This decision highlights the EU's commitment to addressing the plight of thousands of Ukrainian children forcibly transferred and deported by Russian forces.

The forced transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children is a clear violation of international law and human rights. The EU's involvement as an observer in the coalition is a crucial step in ensuring that these crimes do not go unpunished and that justice is served for the affected children and their families.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Josep Borrell and all our EU partners for this significant step. The values of the European Union, including the rule of law and the protection of human rights, must extend beyond words and be reflected in actions.

The collaboration and support of international partners are vital in this mission. Together, we can ensure that the values of justice, humanity, and the protection of children's rights are upheld and that the voices of Ukrainian children are heard and acted upon.