October 30, 2023

An international coalition of countries to repatriate Ukrainian children from Russia to be launched

In a meeting of advisers on national security and foreign policy in Malta, a proposal was put forward to establish an international coalition of nations dedicated to facilitating the return of Ukrainian children who have been deported or forcibly displaced to the Russian Federation from temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The proposal, initiated by the Canadian delegation, received widespread support from numerous participating countries in Malta signifying a collective commitment to this humanitarian cause. 

Establishing a multi-country coalition stands as a further extension of the Bring Kids Back UA action plan, initiated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, highlighting the importance of reuniting the affected children with their families.

Crucially, this initiative falls within the implementation of the fourth point of Ukraine's Peace Formula "Return of prisoners of war and deported persons". It was prepared and presented in Malta by an international working group, which included representatives of almost 30 countries and international organizations.

This proposed coalition signifies a pivotal step toward addressing the suffering of the kidnapped children and reaffirms the collective commitment of multiple nations and international bodies toward bringing Ukrainian children home.